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Airolit floating device – YOUR sensor & DATA LIFEGUARD

The Airolit Floating Device is designed for the Explorian XLT and it serves as your retrieval lifeline when operating in marine environment. It enables your drone to venture into challenging environments and to fly over water without the worry of loosing your UAV with valuable sensors or sensitive data. 

The Airolit Floating Device inflates automatic and activates when below water (pressure triggered). By replacing the CO2 cartridges, the floating device is reusable.

Reusable devices

Fresh and salt water compatible

Retrievable on land and sea

Strobe light activation for 24h

Built for tough conditions

Imagine a peace of mind and that you don’t have to worry about loosing your valuable sensor or sensitive data. The Airolit Floating Device is your essential tool for safeguarding and retrieving your UAV when operating in the most challenging sutations and environments.


AIROLIT floating device

Compatible with Explorian XLT MTOW (16kg)

Weight: 1250 gram

Water Activation: All devices are water-activated, offering reliable retrieval of your data after contact with water.

Mounting: The floating devices is placed in holders on UAV legs and can be easily removed when not needed.

Water-Activated Strobe Light: The package includes a water-activated strobe light that enhances visibility. The light remains operational for 24 hours.

Redundancy: The device package features redundancy to ensure reliable deployment even if one package does not deploy correctly

Reusability: The floating device is designed for multiple uses. In case of activation the CO2 cartridge needs replacement.

Fresh and Salt Water Compatibility: Suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater environments, making it versatile for various applications and locations.


Other info is provided on request.