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Swedish UAV capabilities are challenging industry giants – launching the Airolit S1 for safer communities


The Swedish company Airolit, based in Gothenburg, is launching a new unmanned aerial vehicle, the Airolit S1. The Swedish manufactured UAV is specially designed for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations and for search and rescue missions in all weather conditions. The Airolit S1 is optimised for operation in the climatic conditions of the Nordic region, is equipped with a flexible payload system and offers users full control of their missions by protecting sensitive data.

The new Airolit S1 is the latest addition to the suite of technologies supporting Sweden’s defence and security needs. The S1 has been developed with and for players in the defence, security and infrastructure sectors and, with the launch of this versatile drone, Airolit unveils a pioneering addition to its UAV line-up. The Airolit S1 allows for easy integration of diverse payloads, artificial intelligence and smart navigation. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and needs across multiple industries.

“While the designs of earlier models focused mainly on heavy lifting, the S1 is optimised for tactical ISR missions and long flying times. We are proud to be launching a UAV that delivers on the promise of superior quality and enhanced functionality, and has been developed exclusively in-house to meet user needs,” says Claes Kjölhede, CEO of Airolit.

In addition to providing Nordic users with the assurance of information security, the Airolit S1 delivers reliable and stable performance in snow and rain – as evidenced by its IP55 rating. Thanks to its robust design, the drone is capable of handling challenging conditions with wind speeds of up to 25 metres per second.

Innovation for a robust solution

The drone has an impressive flight time of 75 minutes for long operations without the need for frequent battery changes. The built-in navigation camera uses ultra-low light sensitivity, enabling users to fly and see clearly even in poor light conditions. And with a payload capacity of 3 kg, various types of sensors can be mounted on the Airolit S1.

“The S1 and the electronic platform have been developed, designed and constructed to the highest standards. The drone has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it satisfies all quality, reliability and safety requirements. By developing our UAV solutions in-house, we are able to guarantee data security, user modifications and service as required,” says Claes Kjölhede.