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Airolit SERVICE agreement

We recommend service at regular intervals to maintain functionality and safety on all Airolit UAVs. With our service agreement, you pay a fixed annual cost for service, repairs, and replacement of wearing parts. With a service agreement, it will be easier to budget the cost for your UAVs.

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An Airolit Service agreement gets you an any-time service at a fixed annual cost. We offer a Standard Service with system updating, basic component changes, and service according to the number of hours of flight time. We also offer a 3 year Service agreement. 


14,900 SEK (ex vat)

  • Full hardware and system check
  • Installation of the latest system updates
  • Basic component change if necessary (normal wear)
  • Wiring check
  • UAV power plug change
  • Battery health check
  • Ground control update and system check

3 year service agreement

39,900 sek (ex vat)

  • Recurring services on the proposed interval  (150 hours flight time)
  • A cost effective plan for our customers with high flight time
  • perfect for our customers using the XLT tether station



We also attend to the soft values, such as keeping your staff trained and updated. We are here to help and support you before and after your investment in a drone.

Service and Support

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