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Airolit – The Swedish Drone Company

A complete partner for UAV solutions!

We are a fully Swedish owned aerospace company developing and producing secure industrial grade UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). All development and production are made in Sweden.


Our mission

With a committed team of UAV enthusiasts, our main goal is to deliver world class products. Our customers have an important mission and demand reliable solutions, therefore we aim to deliver secure products of high quality. And by that be the obvious choice among industrial UAV users.

  • We propel our customers to new heights


Solution driven

Our customers work in a variety of fields such as defense, security, and infrastructure. As all customers are unique and require different solutions, we can adapt to specific needs. With a Swedish made quality UAV, an easy-to-use interface, state of the art equipment from our partners, and a payload to do the task*, you will have a dependable UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) to take your business to the next level.

*Payload can be a standard sensor from Airolit or a customer specific equipment. Challenge us!

A complete partner

Airolit is not just a supplier of UAVs, we will help you through your project – from idea to execution. When we deliver your unique system, we will help you get started. Our UAV experts can provide training (from basic operation to advanced usage) and support you whenever you need it.


Doing our part

In an unstable world, Airolit wants to offer stability to our customers, employees, and everyone else that depend on us. Therefore, we have a commitment to adhere to and continuously improve in fields such as:


  • Security protection – Protect our shareholders valuable information
  • Human rights – Set high demands on our supply chain
  • Systematic work environment – Take care of our employees
  • Sustainability – Accelerate the transition to environmentally friendly aerospace solutions.


We have collected some material in this file for you to use for printed or digital use.

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