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Airolit S1 

Airolit S1 is a Swedish made UAV, specially developed for ISR and Search & Rescue missions in all weather conditions. With its flexible and adaptable payload-system it is easy to switch between different kinds of payloads up to 3kg.  Additionally, showcasing an impressive flight time of up to 75 minutes, the Airolit S1 ensures extended missions with prolonged aerial surveillance capabilities, enhancing its effectiveness in various operational scenarios.”

Flight time up to 75 min

Flexible payload



3kg payload capacity

25m/s wind resistance

Tethered solution

15km range

flexible payload system –
Top or bottom mounted

The Airolit S1 is engineered to accommodate a wide range of sensors that can be mounted both on top or beneath the drone depending on the payload and mission.

Due to it is flexible rail system and standardized connectors, it is easy to switch payloads. Legs are removable and available in different lengths making it easy to fit larger payloads


Airolit S1 can be equipped with a wide range of sensors. Airolit provides a range of high-performance sensors with up to 80x zoom, thermal imaging and object tracking. Custom sensors can also be integrated with Airolit S1.

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Modular solution

Secure Communication

Ultra-low light FPV Camera

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