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Yellowscan Surveyor ultra



The new and improved second generation of Surveyor Ultra integrating Hesai’s XT32M2X scanner. Expect better accuracy, precision, intensity, and lighter weight than its predecessor. With the combination of a proven inertial and navigation system and a multi-channel 360° laser scanner, this new version is ready to show it all.



360° Field of View!

You have the ability to scan at 360° with the YellowScan Surveyor Ultra. This means you can collect LiDAR data not only from the ground but for verticals as well.

The Surveyor Ultra is your best option if you plan to use your LiDAR system for applications such as vertical inspections (buildings, bridges, coastal erosion, cliffs, mountains). And you benefit from a high point density obtained from the Hesai XT32M2X laser scanner.