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Welcoming the former Chief of Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) to join our board of directors

We can proudly announce the news that Klas Friberg, former chief of the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) joins our board of directors.

Starting with a law degree Klas has had a long successful career in the Swedish Police Force starting in 1991.

Having worked as Regional Police chief, National Director of Criminal Investigation, and most recently the Chief of the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) until 2021, when he chose to retire, and now works with Strategic Leadership.

From his career, Klas Friberg comes in with extensive experience in intelligence, security, and leadership which underscores our commitment to expertise and innovation in the field.

“We are certain that Klas will bring a lot to the table in the form of experience and support in strategic decisions and are happy to welcome him to our board” – Claes Kjölhede, CEO